In July 2019 I started working and sketching the ideas that I wanted to see in my first deck of playing cards. The road to a final idea and artwork was curious and interesting, as there are a lot of different designs that already exist, as well as an endless number of possibilities that I can put into my creation. I wanted to create something that will be suitable for both cardists and magicians, a deck of playing cards to share with the community.

The design shows an hourglass in which the time will never end as well as the infinity symbol featuring all around the deck - especially on the custom suits! The idea of this design developed from the thoughts about how fast our time is running - on one side we have a lot of it, but on the other side it runs so fast we can not even follow the flow. I wish to create something where time has stopped and to have an unlimited amount of this priceless resource. "Fugit irreparabile tempus" - a Latin phrase which means "Irretrievable time is flying" - another feature of card back and tuck case.

Endless Time (Origin Blue) were funded on Kickstarter during campaign September 6th - October 6th 2019.